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BL1028D 微量自动添加仪 产品尺寸图:

BL1028D 微量自动添加仪 产品简介:

1.Objective: to accurately control the liquid outflow by data, save the production cost and improve the utilization rate of raw materials.

2.Principle: the mixture liquid (hereinafter referred to as solvent) is uniformly stirred by physical and air principles, and the solvent is added to the working area with timing and quantitative accuracy by program control

3.Scope of application: precise timing and quantitative addition of trace liquid.


1) It can monitor the adding time and amount of each channel in real time;

2) Use 220V voltage and set ground wire to eliminate leakage and static electricity (ground wire must be connected);

3) Normal positive pressure (0-0.08mpa can be used);

4) Timing and quantitative accurate addition, accurate to 0.02ml/time;

5) It has an independent operation interface to adjust the time and amount of addition as required;

6) The four channel liquid adding state can be controlled independently through the operation interface;

7) Signal reception and output to special equipment can control the operation status of the instrument and monitoring machine;

8) Anti drip measures: set solvent reflux;

9) Pipes and storage tanks can be cleaned quickly (large mouth design);

10) Use the principle of aerodynamics to stir the solvent, and adjust the gas flow rate (i.e. the speed of liquid stirring) according to the demand;

11) The liquid pipe is made of imported materials, which has strong corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance and does not affect the properties of the solvent; 

12) According to the customer's requirements, the product operation procedure can be changed to achieve the final use effect. Component: a Bl-1028d host size: 300 * 300 * 200mm; b. 1m-220v power line; c. 4m - ø 2 * 1mm inlet solvent pipe.

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