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  • Post Sales Engineer
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Position: Post Sales Engineer
Education: college degree or above

Location: changsha

Number: 30

Gender: male


1. responsible for non-standard automation equipment sales and maintenance, troubleshooting, maintain the normal operation of the production line;  

2. Explain the design drawings of mechanical products and provide technical guidance; 

 3. College degree or above, aged 25-45:  

4. Have electrician certificate, be able to accept business trips and have strong communication skills;  

5. More than 3 years experience in after-sales maintenance of non-standard automation equipment in 3C industry; 

 6. Have team consciousness, sense of responsibility and hard work.

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Desk Phone:+86-731-86393999

Cell Phone: Mrs. Chen +86-13973104595

Address:East 12th Road, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hunan Province

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