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Alpha Standard

Company Profile

Alpha Standard Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2013, which is located in YUHUAN TRCH  PARK, Xingsha Economic and Technology Development Zone, Changsha, a beauyiful city. 

We are devoted to provide high quality service in 3C industry. The R&D of automation equipment and technology, which are applicable to the 2D, 2.5D screen printing product, 3D pad printing product and product with concave convex condition is our main business. We are a technology-oriented company, which incorporate R&D, production and sale of 3C automation equipments.  

We focus on the key process of optical lens industry,  adhering to the method of “standardization,  datalization, process, systematization”, as the  development concepts. And the product’s differentiation also makes operators stick out a mile, precisely control, output intelligent, thus to create real benefits for customers.

Company Culture

  • Vision

    Success based on standards

  • Mission

    Let the wisdom drives the optical manufacture  brighter.

  • Spirit

    Fulfill customer's mission with high quality

  • Quality Policy

    When there are conflicts among quality, costs, yield, benefits and speed,quality first.

  • Employing Concept

    People-oriented: let everyone release his/her potential.

  • Management Philosophy

    Guide the company's R&D, production and sales with the concept of standardization, data, process and systematization.

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